Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai

Soft Cleaning Services In Dubai & UAE

Soft cleaning is a method where low amount of pressure is used and specialized solutions such as bleach, water etc. are used to clean an area well. The whole idea is to make sure that there is no dust and germs present in the area and no major damage occur by using high pressure machines. That desk, that piano, those show pieces need soft cleaning to give them a new look without hampering their style. It’s the most effective, efficient and cost optimized solution for cleaning the things that you care about with extra care. The whole motive of this cleaning is to safeguard the material from the wear and tear of harsh cleaning.We at SKT Cleaning understand its concept and hence provide you with the best Soft Cleaning Services with best of quotes in the industry so that you don’t have to think twice before availing services.

Soft cleaning

  • The X – Jet Nozzle this technique saves time and money and is a good technique for soft cleaning. This amazing nozzle injects and proportions soaps, chemicals or other liquids at high pressure or low pressure.
  • Clever injector – it is the clever way to mix your soft washing recipe. It is easy to use, and it starts by connecting the pump to the water supply to boost the water flow.
  • Clever wash surfactant – it is a surfactant, scent masker, wax rinse aid, and also boosts sodium hypochlorite.
  • Snipper Nozzle – it is a long barrel type nozzle used for maximum distance without sacrificing flow. It eliminates the need for ladders or lifts up to 4 story building.
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