The Range of SKT Cleaning Services

SKT Cleaning Services is known for the reason of complete and all round cleaning. We are proceeding down the years with the range of qualitative cleaning services. We have ten years of experience in the field. The company is acknowledged for both reasons of customer service and quality. We clean in details. For the reason you give us a call every time when cleaning is needed.

Apartment Cleaning

SKT Cleaning Services excel in the genre of Apartment Cleaning. We clean all bathrooms, sleeping areas, kitchens and living areas. Our cleaning arrangement makes us stand out among the rest. We make homes and apartments immaculately clean, and we do things with perfect detailing.

House Cleaning

We have the mission to keep your home absolutely clean. We have personalized maids and they will reach to your place for thorough cleaning of the kitchens and bathrooms. We also have provisions for detailed cleaning services and these include the living area and the sleeping area.

Move In and Move Out

Moving into the home and moving out of the property is extremely stressful. We help you in this process by doing all packing and unpacking skillfully. This is something we are best at and most of the time clients always believe that we can be the best service provider for them.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet of your home tends to get soiled after few months. For this, we have the special carpet cleaners. They know how best to clean and dry the carpets without making use of the harsh chemicals. We make use of natural cleaning agents in cleaning your carpet as we are concerned about the health of your family.

After Renovation

After the process of renovation, the home becomes a mess. This is when you can give us a class. We will be at your place doing the cleaning thoroughly. We will do everything to change the status of your home. The society can well look upon you well and probably the work would be excellent if you can connect to us easily.

Curtain Cleaning

We at SKT Cleaning Services know how to keep the curtains perfect. We will come to your place on call and start cleaning the carpets. We can even apply deep cleaning methods depending on the extent of how soiled the carpets are.

Window Cleaning

We have the team of the bonded professionals. They know best how to clean the windows properly by making use of perfect cleaning agents and cleaning methods. Once the windows get clean we can start with the curtains.

Commercial Cleaning

SKT Cleaning Services can take complete care of your commercial arena. We do the cleaning in the manner to make the office look faultlessly clean, without damaging the properties or the documents.

Residential Cleaning

We have also mastered the art of residential cleaning. For this we need to make a prior inspection of the home. This will help us make an idea regarding the extent of cleaning to be done. We make use of safe ingredients for cleaning keeping in mind the safety of the kids and the pets.

There are more cleaning specifications being handled by the company and these are

  • Marble polishing services
  • Soft cleaning
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Maid services
  • Ironing services

SKT Payment Options

  • SKT Cleaning services have various payment options. If you are asking for one time cleaning, we would request you to make the payment in cash. The money you can directly pay to our certified cleaner.
  • You can pay us even by means of Cheque.
  • In case you are making payments through debit and credit cards, it should be done via the website.
  • In case, you have no made cash payment to the cleaner you can intimate the company at once.


In case, if you don’t want the cleaning to happen on the scheduled date, you need to inform us before 3 hours before the time scheduled for cleaning. Any change in the program should be informed to SKT Cleaning Services at once.


  • In case, you are not happy with the standard of cleaning executed you can directly contact us to take necessary actions.
  • There is no need to waste time. Once there is a problem with cleaning, you can inform us for a resolution at the earliest.


Hours of Service

SKT Cleaning Services is serious regarding qualitative cleaning measures. We instruct the cleaners to dedicate at least three hours of time for each cleaning assignment. However, a prior inspection can help in giving an idea regarding the time needed to do the cleaning.

Cost of the Service

Initially we help with cost effective cleaning services.

In case of any paid cleaning we will inform you in advance.

Safety Policy

  • The cleaners of SKT Cleaning Services will not do the cleaning in case they feel any danger from humans and animals within the home premise.
  • Please stay informed that we do not do cleaning of vomit or blood.
  • We clean desks only when they are emptied by the clients. We do not do the task of emptying the possessions.
  • Residential clients give us the key to do the cleaning in case they are not at home.
  • In case of office cleaning, you can keep the keys at the reception.
  • We will accept the payment through online VISA and MasterCard. We accept both debit and credit cards.
  • If you are less than 18 years of age you cannot contact the website or come in terms with SKT Cleaning Services.
  • In case you are making payments for the products or services through our website, your details will be directly submitted to the payment department by means of security connection. This will help in maintaining the secrecy of the payment details.
  • The cardholder should keep a copy of the transaction and even of the Merchant Policy as per rules.

Company Obligation

  • The obligation of SKT Cleaning Services is to provide cleaning at the right time. In case, there is a delay we will inform you in advance.
  • In case of any issues, you can discuss with us to sort out things at the earliest.
  • The company is ready to make adjustments with the clients based on the specifications mentioned by you.

Client Obligation

  • The client should provide will all the details needed for booking of the cleaning assignment.
  • The sort of cleaner you are in need of should be conveyed to SKT at the earliest.
  • In case there is a sudden requirement and you will not be able to avail for the service on date, you should inform SKT at once.