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Soft cleaning is a method where a low amount of pressure is used and specialized solutions such as bleach, water, etc. are used to clean an area well. The whole idea is to make sure that there is no dust and germs present in the area and no major damage occurs by using high-pressure machines. That desk, that piano, those showpieces need soft cleaning to give them a new look without hampering their style. It’s the most effective, efficient and cost-optimized solution for cleaning the things that you care about with extra care. The whole motive of this cleaning is to safeguard the material from the wear and tear of harsh cleaning. We at SKT Cleaning understand its concept and hence provide you with the best Soft Cleaning Services with the best of quotes in the industry so that you don’t have to think twice before availing services.

Have You Cleaned Your Soft Furniture? Soft washing as the name replicates is cleaning the required areas using mild pressures. A few years back this type of cleaning techniques was not used, so, we can come to the point that this Soft Cleaning Services is a new-fangled technique and is being welcomed in the field graciously. It has created a revolution in the cleaning industries, and within no time it has made its place in the services categories of SKT Cleaning. We are known to destine our customers with the modernized techniques of cleaning that can be utilized in low budgets.

This cleaning service can be termed as one of the most advanced and useful ones as it involves the specialized solution of cleaning compounds with the low-pressure machine. You might ask a question as to why there was a need to come up with Soft Cleaning when already so many impeccable services are there many.

Undeniably, each one of the cleaning services running under our organization is absolute, but there are certain equipment, valuables, instruments that need additional care. Suppose will you prefer to use high-pressure cleaning techniques on a musical instrument like piano or harmonium. No right? They are the precious not only in terms of money but have emotions attached to it. Likewise, sofas, curtains, and related stuff are not compatible with high pressure and suffer from extreme damage.

Soft Cleaning Services is one such cleaning technique that can be employed for such equipment and this way there will be no harm to them and will sustain with a long life. Generally, these sofas, curtains, musical instruments do not come in the list of regular cleaning and are charged with only dusting. It gives the dust particles an opportunity to hide in the pores and also under the deep beds where the dusters will never reach.
To undertake this soft cleaning, we have an extensive board of cleaners with proficient knowledge. The type of machinery involved here are different, and so are the cleaning agent. The process reduces the time, and the specks of dust are removed effortlessly.

SKT Cleaning offers varied types of Soft Cleaning Services, let’s take a glance –

• X-Jet Nozzle – here the nozzle technology is used to insert the solution on the required pressure that is low r high. It eradicates the dust particles quickly.

• Clever Injector – It works just like its name wherein the cleaning solution is prepared in a unique way and then is connected with a water pump resulting in the flow as per the pressure.

• Clever Wash Surfactant – This technique involves a solution of wax rinse, surfactant and scent maker and is used consequently. Further, it is also used to boost sodium hypochlorite.

• Snipper Nozzle – Here the technique is the same as a nozzle, and the only difference is the size of the nozzle that usually long. The solution is flown from a distance at a particular speed. The nozzles are so long that it can even clean the buildings without using the ladders.

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